Core business

for both the naval and aerospace industry.
This technology is used on both civil and military ships and aeroplanes.
We are also involved in containing biohazards from civil and military infrastructures and large ships and aeroplanes. Our technology is used by navies and leading companies all around the world.
We use the know-how of some of our strategic partners with whom we share knowledge in the aviation and naval sector.
We work on marine water desalination for civil and military purposes, the treatment of waste waters or discharges from petrochemical plants, in particular offshore drilling platforms, heavy industries and large ships and aeroplanes.
We are particularly interested in experimenting new technologies aimed at improving people’s lives and making them safer.
We devote particular attention to the Green Power sector applied to civil and military ships.
Research for innovative systems to filter water and air in pressurised environments in the aerospace sector – for example, for the international space station – is an important part of our work.
We deal with air and water sanitization from viruses and bacteria in hospitals, shopping centres and companies in which large numbers of people aggregate.
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